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The PRINT-AID WORKSHOP 2 was organised in Antwerp, Belgium February 5th-6th 2019.

The workshop covered soft skills topics from ‘Treatment of IP issues in precompetitive environment’ to ‘Bio-commercialization’ and ‘Entrepreneurial success’.

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The workshop will be held in Hof Van Liere in the City Campus of the University of Antwerp.

The beautiful 16th century Hof van Liere is part of the Antwerp cultural-historical patrimony. The adjacent historic buildings that were built by the Jesuits in the 17th century are a haven of peace in the noisy city center. The building complex, named Het Prinsenhof, was equipped as a boarding school in 1575 and later as a military academy and military hospital. In 1988 Het Prinsenhof was purchased by the university and the wings around the courtyard were restored and renovated.