European training network for development of personalized anti-infective medical devices combining printing technologies and antimicrobial functionality

Jontana Allkja received her BSc in Pathology and Microbiology from the University of Bristol (UK) 2015. She did her Master of Medical Science with focus on Infection Biology in the Uppsala University (Sweden) and graduated 2017. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Porto (Portugal).

Her project will focus on the improvement of experiment reproducibility and data sharing in biofilm research through the development of minimum information guidelines and bioinformatics tools for biofilm experiments. Furthermore, several microtiter plate-based techniques will be evaluated with a ring trial performed in collaboration with the other Print-Aid participants as well as, other laboratories across Europe. The main work for the trial will be done during the secondment at the Center for Biofilm Engineering in Bozeman, Montana. The project will also look at the development of new standard labelling and microscopy techniques for the study of multi-species and multi-strain biofilms in urinary catheters.

Jontana enjoys the PRINT-AID project as we fellows get the opportunity to work with an inter-disciplinary team in academia and industry and expand our knowledge in other fields of science. Furthermore, getting to travel and do secondments in other countries enables us to learn new methods and practices as well as, meet new people and form valuable connection which will help expand our network in the future.

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Allkja et al., Minimum information guideline for spectrophotometric and fluorometric methods to assess biofilm formation in microplates, Biofilm, 2019


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