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Professor Pia Vuorela

Professor Pia Vuorela received her Ph.D. in pharmacognosy in 1991 (University of Helsinki, Finland). She became an adjunct professor in Pharmacognosy at the University of Helsinki in 1994. During ten years she setup her own research group in bioactivity screening, lectured in pharmaceutical microbiology, and was actively involved in building up the drug discovery and development center at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki. She was Professor in Pharmaceutical chemistry at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland, from 2005 to 2013 and currently serves as Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology and Vice Dean at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki, Finland with responsibilities in teaching and bilingualism.

Pia Vuorela’s group has expertise in pharmaceutical biology, natural product chemistry and bioactivity assay development for various targets and purposes.

The biofilm team’s research (lead by Dr. Malena Skogman) is targeting novel ways to concur infections caused by biofilms, both gram positive and gram negative. They have developed an assay platform for screening of compounds for antibiofilm activity using several staining assays. The focus is also on alternative ways to eradicate and prevent biofilm formation by targeting quorum sensing and persister bacteria. 

Vuorela´s group has excellent skills in bioassay development, automation and management of screening campaigns in academic surroundings. Currently, they also have interest in natural products and the application thereof in lung chlamydia (Chlamydia pneumonia).